Cooperation - how do we work together with other organizations?

Cooperation with others

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About the topic

Digitalization has become a leading megatrend over the past few years. Whereas in the past, information technology served basically as a powerful tool to optimize existing products and processes and make them more efficient, the drastic increase in computing power and connectivity, packed into ever-shrinking form factors, has caused a fundamental paradigm shift. Today, information technology has become an integral part of technological solutions within virtually all branches. Cars, machines, medical devices and consumer products have become “smart” and interconnected. New business models have become viable, which in turn has created powerful connections and interdependencies among technology sectors that were previously merely loosely coupled. Smart manufacturing combines aspects of automation technology, machinery and industrial services, for example, and it requires the consideration of functional safety and cybersecurity from a new perspective. Smart cities involve construction, railway, car industry, health services, civil security and many other sectors. Any other “smart technology” has its own pattern of “traditional” sectors that are involved.

The standardization expertise required for those “smart technologies” cannot be provided by any single organization, be it ISO, IEC, ITU, a regional standardization organization or an informal one. Rather, all of these organizations are obliged to collaborate to provide the comprehensive standardization solutions that their stakeholders need.

Therefore, it is essential for any standardization organization to be open for cooperation – both internally and with other organizations.

Questions discussed:

  • Which role does cooperation play in your organization?
  • Which ideas or recommendations regarding future cooperation with others do you have?
  • What is the added value in cooperating with other organizations, forums or consortia?
  • Why is cooperation important for you personally?
  • What would help enhance cooperation between organizations and forums (tools, culture, processes, environment etc.)?
  • Which activities or conditions in your organization are supporting/blocking cooperation?
  • What are your hopes/expectations for the future regarding cooperation (and how can we achieve these)?