Open Session

Image The Open Session
The Open Session on Friday focused on the theme “Open-minded. Open for change.” We want to thank all participants for sharing their ideas in the interactive sessions.

Presentations from the Open Session can be downloaded here:

A selection of answers to the question "What will you personally do to initiate the change?"

"Discuss and involve younger members of staff more actively in designing new standardization processes"

"Be supportive, discuss more, share new perspectives"

"Show passion"

"Be more inclusive, open, less bureaucratic"

"Give digital natives more freedom to do things their way"

"Lead by example"

"Share the vision with colleagues and get them involved. You can't do it alone!"

"Form small task groups of willing people so that they become change agents"

"Reward/ recognize people who are willing to change"

"Integrate new working methods and tools"

"Find resources on how to initiate change"

"Live best practice"

"Ensure diversity of industry and digital natives in ALL projects"

"Set up an innovation department"

"Appoint a person in charge of this"

"Reduce the use of paper"