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A special forum dedicated to a lively discourse regarding the effects on standardization of digitalization was provided for the first time by DIN: the Open Zone.

A wide range of ideas and concepts, strategies and visions from the world of standardization were presented and discussed.

The Open Zone, a kind of marketplace, was open from Tuesday to Thursday in front of the meeting room of the General Assembly at the Hotel InterContinental. It was dedicated to four main topics : "Foresight", "Attracting new experts", "TC of the future" and "Cooperation with others".

Please view our video gallery below for impressions from the Open Zone.

Presentations from the Open Zone can be downloaded here
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Video gallery

We have collected some impressions before and during the ISO week 2017 for you. Enjoy the show!

22.09.2017 16:02
Video review ISO week 2017, Berlin: Open Zone & Open Session
21.09.2017 16:18
Open Zone at ISO week 2017: TC of the future
21.09.2017 11:48
Open Zone at ISO week 2017: Cooperation
21.09.2017 07:47
Open Zone at ISO week 2017: Foresight
19.09.2017 17:39
Open Zone at ISO week 2017: Attracting new experts
13.09.2017 13:40
Private video